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4x4 Offroad Trails in New York - Jeep & truck trails in NY

Let's talk about the offroad trails that New York has to offer.

Just to be clear, this article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, truck/SUV trails, and four wheeling trails in New York.  From here on out, to keep things simple let's just refer to all these trails as 4x4 offroad trails.

New York State has more offroad trails than one would think.  Usually when we think of NY we visualize the huge City of New York with it's massive towers and cold city streets, but fortunately for us offroaders the State of NY has much more to offer than the metropolis of New York City.  In fact, on the Where2Wheel map (at the time of writing 1/22/19) we have 13 different 4x4 offroad trails in New York.

I'll give you a quick briefing about the three major offroad locations in NY and then if you want to learn more, you can login to W2W (it's free) and check the trails map for yourself.

The best place to go in NY for some 4WD action is Mettowee Offroad Park.  Mettowee is located in Whitehall, NY (Northeastern part of the state) and at the park they have everything from rock crawling to mud bogging.  It's a great place to do some trail riding and have some fun on the obstacle course, and if you check their calendar you can catch some of the competition events that they hold on a regular basis.  Mettowee is open on Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 5pm and the cost of entrance is $25 per driver and $10 per passenger.

Another very cool and unique offroad trail in New York is the 4WD Farm located North of Syracuse (specifically in Parish, NY).  The 4WD Farm is on 150 acres and offers off road trails rated 3-6 in normal weather conditions. This off road park is designed for small to mid-size stock or slightly modified 4WD vehicles used as daily drivers.  At the 4WD Farm the trails and obstacles really put an emphasis on smaller size 4x4s such as Jeeps and Yotas, and if you have a larger vehicle and/or bigger rubber than 35s then this isn't your spot because they won't let you wheel.  Minimum recommended tire size is 30.

The third 4x4 offroad trail in NY that I will mention is a bit of a lesser known spot, but this place is definitely worth checking out if you want to have some wild 4x4 fun.  Whispering Pines Hideaway is in Western NY and is located between Rochester and Syracuse.  At Whispering Pines you will find miles of trails to ride with obstacles that range from mild to extreme.  It will cost you $35 for a one-time visit or $125 for an annual pass; however, at Whispering Pines they pride themselves on having very few rules and restrictions so it's a great place to get out and play at - Just use some common sense and practice safe wheeling techniques.  Whispering Pines Hideaway comes highly recommended from local 4x4 enthusiasts in New York, so it should be on your list to check out if you are in the area.

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Like I mentioned above, we have several more 4x4 offroad trails in NY that you can see on Where2Wheel.  I have dropped a picture below to show you trail locations, but for details just check out the Where2Wheel Trails Map.  Thanks for reading, see you on W2W!

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