Carova Beach

1312 NC-12 , Corolla, NC 27927
lat/lng: 36.51015375658087,-75.85958756756821
Added by: Unknown

This beach is an absolute must see! One of the few places left in the US where public beach access is granted to all 4x4 vehicles. The beach is beautiful with soft white sand and the ocean is a great during the summer months. The beach is 11 miles long, but there are countless more miles of trails behind the beach. Some of the trails can become challanging as they are often flooded with deep water. On the back trails you can find wild horses that live in this area. Make sure to read up on local laws before entering the beach as they do have active law enforcement on the beach, and with the beach access comes different laws. Two very important laws are: 15 mph speed limit on the beach, and maintain 50ft distance from the horses at all time (no feeding or interaction of any kind other than watching)..


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all types mud water forest bumpy rocky steep scenic desert rock crawling gravel dirt granite slick water crossing mountainous obstacles wooded tight squeeze

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Member since Jan 04, 2017

Submitted on Mar 12, 2018

Love this trail!! Especially after the area has had some good rain!!! Worth visiting if you live in the 757

Member since Mar 26, 2016

Horses on the Beach

Submitted on Mar 12, 2018

Had a lot of fun and even saw some horses grazing on the beach!

Member since Dec 28, 2016

Feb 2017

Submitted on Feb 28, 2017

Great beach for 4x4s. Not much technically, but as far as a good easy drive through the sand it can't be beat. Bring the family and have a picnic!

Member since Apr 28, 2017

Sept 2016

Submitted on Oct 10, 2016

Had an awesome time in Carova! Back roads were extremely flooded! Had a couple close calls with high water!

Member since Feb 13, 2017

Awesome Time!

Submitted on Sep 08, 2016

Definitely check out OBX for some awesome time in the sand!

Member since Feb 13, 2017


Submitted on Sep 08, 2016

Great Time!