Pine Needle Flat Campground/ Boards Crossing

Rattlesnake Creek Road , Arnold, CA 95223
lat/lng: 38.32189550607021,-120.2157501156006
Added by: Unknown

you will begin following the river and have to navigate a couple of rock gardens that are slightly sloped and a bit steep. soon you will cross rattlesnake creek so keep going until the trail dead ends at the stanislaus river where you can set up campMost 4x4s will have no problem with this trail, but it is narrow at some parts so jeeps work the best. The entire trail is only about 4 miles long and only takes an hour or two.


Start out on hwy 4 until you get to dorington. turn right onto boards crossing road and follow it all the way until you cross the river and turn left into the sour grass campsite. the trailhead is located in the back of the camp ground.

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all types mud water forest bumpy rocky steep scenic desert rock crawling gravel dirt granite slick water crossing mountainous obstacles wooded tight squeeze

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