Jocassee Gorges

Grassy Ridge Road , Lake Toxaway, NC 28747
lat/lng: 35.08828111871194,-82.95100340605418
Added by: Unknown

Trail is starting to grow in. Rough terrain with rock, mud, water and hills. May be challenging for some drivers. Fun trail.


Follow the hard road until you see 3 mounds of dirt.

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all types mud water forest bumpy rocky steep scenic desert rock crawling gravel dirt granite slick water crossing mountainous obstacles wooded tight squeeze

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Member since Jul 13, 2014

Chestnut Mountain Road

Submitted on Jun 12, 2018

Inside the Gorges State Park. I was told no permits needed. Easy trails. Can get muddy with lots of rain but they have a lot of swales made on the main trail (Chestnut Mtn. Rd.). Eventually you will get to a steel bridge which is a great scenic photo op. Some nice campsites nearby as well. There is no camping within the state park, but eventually you simply get into state game lands (where said camping spots are). As of 5/2018 I could not get much further than the bridge as they were doing trail repairs. There are other offshoots more towards the beginning of the trail that take you down nearly to the northern banks of Lake Jocassee. From what I gather this whole system is one-way-in, one-way-out which is the point plotted on the map within the State Park.

Member since Jun 13, 2017

Jocassee gorges

Submitted on Jun 25, 2017

Good, fun trail. Places to stop and play.