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Off Road Trails near Arizona

Let's talk about the off road trails, Jeep trails, and OHV trails in Arizona.


This article specifically covers places for off roading in Arizona - Jeep trails, truck & SUV trails, OHV & ORV trails, and all other sorts of 4x4 trails in AZ.

Arizona has a fantastic amount of land available for off roading.  The beautiful scenic landscapes that can be found in AZ are unlike anything else in the country, and perhaps the coolest part of this natural beauty is the journey that is required to observe these wonderful views.

The easiest way for me to tell you about the off road trails in Arizona is to cover the trails located near the major cities.  There are far too many off road trails in AZ for me to cover all of them in this brief article, so I will touch on a few and then if you want to sign up for Where2Wheel - Off Road Trails (it's free) to check out all the Arizona trails, feel free to do so.

Starting with Tucson, the most popular trail is pretty much right outside Tucson is Chiva (often pronounced Chivo) Falls.  Chiva Falls - Where2Wheel Trail has a good variety of challenging and more "stock"able terrain and obstacles; either way undercarriage protection and/or rock sliders are recommended for this one.  It's probably also a good idea to have a passenger that is willing to be your spotter while on trail.  Most of the more difficult obstacles have bypasses and the trail ends with a gorgeous view of a 75ft waterfall in the middle of the desert (not something you see everyday).  Also near Tucson you can find Chimney Rock that winds it's way through shallow foothills and narrow rock washes.  Chimney rock offers great four wheeling and a bit of rock crawling.  You can find the full write of of both trails on the W2W Trails Map.

Next let's move up to Phoenix.  Phoenix has lot's of off road trails close by, with a large dense cluster of off road trails located to the Northeast in the Tonto National Forest.  Great beginners (stock) trails outside (NW) Phoenix/Scottsdale are Coves 1 thru 4 inside Butcher Jones Recreation Area; it's a great place to spend a hot summer day because these trails end at the banks of the Salt River where can take a dip and cool off.  There are many beginner/moderate off road trails around Phoenix, but if you are looking for something more difficult then you can head North up I-17 past Anthem to the Black Canyon OHV trail - Where2Wheel.  Black Canyon offers a lot of varying terrain over the 10 mile trail: rocks, water crossings, mud, and challenging obstacles.  It's not quite hardcore, but it's definitely not for beginners; also, Black Canyon is a lesser known trail so it's a nice place to get away from the more crowded more popular trails in this area.

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This area of the US is simply littered with trails, so it's really worth checking out the Where2Wheel - Home/Signup map because there are too many off road trails for me to cover.  I'll drop a picture of the W2W map of Arizona so that you can take a quick glance, but still check out W2W as new trails are being added every week.  Thanks for reading, see you on W2W!


W2W Arizona Trails Map 08/2018
W2W Arizona Trails Map 08/2018

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