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Offroad 4x4 Trails in DE

Let's talk about 4x4 offroad trails in Delaware

This article covers Jeep trails, OHV trails, four wheeling trails, and all offroad trails for Jeeps and trucks that Delaware has to offer.

First, before I jump into covering Delaware's offroad landscape, I'd like to say right off the bat that DE is a small state.  In fact, Delaware is the second smallest state, measuring only 96 miles from N to S, and only 35 miles across at its widest point.  And with nearly a million people living in DE, that doesn't leave much room for 4x4 offroad trails in DE.  Chances are that if you want to get some mud on the tires, you are going to need to cross state lines.

However, there is one place in DE that if you have the itch you can do some very very light trail riding, and that place is the C&D Canal Trails in Northern DE.  At the Canals there are clay and gravel roads that can be explored.  Any reckless actions here will certainly draw the attention of law enforcement, but if you are conducting yourself responsibly then the trails can be fun especially after some rain has stirred up the mud.  While we are talking about N DE, the other place worth mentioning is Pine Barrens in Hammonton, NJ.  Pine Barrens is about a two hour drive from Dover, but it is totally worth it if your looking for Jeep trails or OHV trails in DE.  Pine Barrens is inside Wharton State Park in NJ and the area has over 500 miles of unpaved roads; it is widely regarded as THE place to go offroading in NJ.  Use caution as the mudpits can get pretty deep, so it's always best to measure depth or ease in slowly before blasting into an unknown mud hole.

If you are South of Dover then you can always head into MD for some beach riding.  On the beaches near Ocean City, MD there is Assateague State Park and Assateague Island Beach.  It will cost you $75 annually for a Surf Vehicle tag, but Assateague Island Beach provides you with 13 miles of beach 4x4 access.  Now it's important to note that this beach access is not specifically for four wheeling, but designed to be an access point for salt water fishing -  so no donuts or reckless driving because you will be told to leave if you are disturbing the environment.  With that said, it is a nice spot to enjoy some top down beach driving and fishing if you are into that. You can learn more about this trail and offroading in MD on our Maryland Blog.

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For more 4x4 offroad trails in DE, check out the Where2Wheel map.  There are several other wheelin spots around DE that are too small for a mention in this post, but you can find them yourself by signing up for Where2Wheel and checking out the map (It's 100% Free).  Thanks for reading about offroad trails in Delaware; I look forward to seeing you on W2W!


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